The smart app-based shaft alignment solution

This new generation of horizontal & vertical laser shaft alignment solution is the result of almost 40 years of expertise and innovation.

Integrated apps, customized technology features and easy connectivity : the AT-200 leverages technology to enhance your user experience and improve the efficiency of your maintenance teams. Providing unparalleled measurement performance and fast, precision alignment, the AT-200 improve measurement and reporting capabilities, to help you extend every critical machinery’s lifespan.

A complete shaft alignment tool

So much more than an horizontal and vertical laser shaft alignment tool, the AT-200 Toolbox gives you the power to make informed decisions and take corrective maintenance action immediately, straight from your tablet or smartphone :

  • Fast and accurate results, powered by intelligent sensor technology
  • Easy-of-use, via our shaft alignment apps
  • Easy data sharing capabilities thanks to a full integration and connectivity system

The toolbox includes:

  • Two smart wireless sensors with their accessories
  • Task oriented Horizontal & Vertical shaft alignment mobile apps
  • Acoem Cloud connectivity with report storage, trending and work order and sharing capabilities with secure communication (optional)

Improve your maintenance team’s efficiency

The AT-200 improves the user experience of your shaft alignment operations, offering :

  • Accessibility and efficiency : wireless, easy to implement, user friendly new technology tools
  • Time saving and reliability : quick and easy verification of pre-alignment steps, accelerated handling on standard mobile devices (Free laser App for IOS and Android Devices)
  • Fewer errors: optimal visual guidance
  • An accelerated decision-making process : instant reporting

Reduce downtime and improve productivity

A complete shaft alignment solution where precision alignment matters. Even the smallest angle of misalignment can drastically reduce the lifespan of rotating machinery by more than 50%. This can be avoided by proactively undertaking precision alignment as part of your maintenance program. Proper alignment practices not only help reduce downtime but also improve productivity.

  • Avoid unexpected failures which can causing complete process shutdowns or safety incidents
  • Eliminate the root cause of 50% of bearing failures
  • Extend the lifetime of your assets and reduce the total costs of ownership
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 10%.

GuideU™- Intuitive 3D graphical user interface

GuideU™ is the next generation alignment 3D graphical user interface – our patented, customisable, icon-driven and color-coded display system makes measuring, aligning, documenting and reporting on each job simple.
GuideU™ delivers precise measurement, 3-D transitions in alignment view and correction values by minimising the risk of human errors, guiding the operator through the process using visual, logical and easy-to-follow steps.